A Day in Court

The island was crowded as the Penguins gathered for their meeting. The leader of the group slowly waddled up to the ice mound and raised himself, his flippers glistening.
All the other penguins in their black suits, white shirts and white ties, looked up at him respectfully.
A few seals, walruses and others in their different attire watched from afar, but there was general interest in what appeared to be an important conclave of the flock of penguins.

Penguin Mandy who stood on top of a raised ice mound looked around and surveyed the crowd. He, as leader of the penguins had to settle a dispute among his flock.
Penguin Charlie shuffled up to the front raised his flipper and squawked his complaint against Penguin David. PM looked enquiringly at David, as if to ask “And what do you have to say?”
A small group of younger penguins gathered around David whispering shuffling and trying to intervene, but David was imperious and arrogant as he squawked aggressively at Charlie. Mandy tried to placate him as he turned to Charlie as if to say “Let us cool off, and discuss this later”

With relief the penguins dispersed, the younger ones moved away to play games on the wide expanse of ice. The seals and walruses watched bemused as they saw the “fighters’ Charlie and David moved away and sat down together to eat the fish they had caught and converse amicably, their dispute forgotten.
The only question on their minds seemed to be “Who will get the bigger fish?”

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