Visit to Provence (Contd)

Ksheerabdi Krishna works for a company in the US and is deputed here in France to work for the European counterpart. The family has been here five years and expect a transfer back to the US at the end the year. They live in a small town Nuynes near Aix in beautiful country side, and the air smells clean and fragrant. The trees, pruned during the winter are sprouting new leaves. The roadsides are speckled with the bright red of wild poppies – called coquliquot.(sp?) The bushes had bright yellow blooms – colours of Delhi’s red silk cotton and yellow laburnum that are flaunted with bright abandon in our summer.

Priya greeted me warmly and while Krishna went to work, we continued our conversation over coffee. She then took me to Castelle, a medieval fortified town on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. It has quaint cobbled streets, narrow houses fronting the street, stone archways, and dozens of little shops and restaurants that cater to the tourists who swarm over these ancient towns and villages of Provence in the months of June thru August

The balmy sunshine and brisk breeze made the walk through the town pleasant, as we looked at the different crafts and artwork for sale. One woman in her seventies, who was born and grew up in this town makes and sells perfumes, scented candles and decorative items that are most attractive and tempting. I came out of the little shop smelling of roses as she sprayed her best perfume on me.
We had lunch at a small restaurant that specializes in crepes of different varieties.

We returned home, and while Priya cooked a delightful veg meal, Krishna and I exchanged news, and watched the IBN TV channel and Modi’s election as the BJP leader in Parliament and his speech, which we appreciated for its eloquence and emotional appeal. Can only hope and pray the country moves forward under his leadership.

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